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Remembering the B-Western Movie, Heroes, Heroines, Sidekicks, Heavies and Henchmen.
Exclusively B-Westerns circa 1929 - 1954 or so ... no A-Westerns, no TV Westerns, no "spaghetti" westerns or "Eurowesterns".
May, 2024- the Old Corral website celebrates 26 years on the Internet ... and begins year 27.

Old Corral Menu
1. The Heroes (and 1 Heroine) - click below:
 Bob Allen
 Rex Allen
 Gene Autry, Roy & Hoppy
 Bob Baker
 Smith Ballew
 Jim Bannon
 Don Barry
 Buzz Barton 
 Sammy Baugh
 Rex Bell
 William Boyd/Hopalong Cassidy
 Johnny Mack Brown
 Buffalo Bill, Jr. (Jay Wilsey)
 Rod Cameron 
 Harry Carey
 John (Johnny) Carpenter 
 Sunset Carson
 Lane Chandler
 Bill Cody
 Spade Cooley
 Ray 'Crash' Corrigan
 Buster Crabbe
 Ken Curtis
 Bob Custer
 Eddie Dean
 Eddie Dew
 'Wild Bill' Elliott
 James Ellison
 Tex Fletcher ... the Lonely Cowboy
 Dick Foran
 Hoot Gibson
 Kirby Grant
 Monte Hale
 Russell Hayden
 Tim Holt
 Hoppy, Roy & Gene
 George Houston ... The Lone Rider
 Jack & Al Hoxie
 Herb Jeffries ... the Bronze Buckaroo
 Buck Jones
 Tom Keene
 John Kimbrough
 John 'Dusty' King
 Allan 'Rocky' Lane
 Lash LaRue
 Rex Lease
 Bob Livingston
 Jack Luden
 Ken Maynard
 Kermit Maynard
 Tim McCoy
 Robert Mitchum ... in B westerns
 Tom Mix
 Clayton Moore
 George Montgomery
 Wayne Morris
 James Newill
 Dave 'Tex' O'Brien
 George O'Brien
 Dorothy Page ... the Singing Cowgirl
 Jack Perrin
 Lee 'Lone Ranger' Powell
 John Preston ... Morton of the Mounted
 Jack Randall
 Monte Rawlins ... the Masked Phantom
 Duncan Renaldo
 Tex Ritter
 Roy Rogers, Gene & Hoppy
 Buddy Roosevelt
 Reb Russell
 Fred Scott
 Robert Shayne
 Dave Sharpe
 Cal Shrum
 Charles Starrett ... the Durango Kid
 Bob Steele
 Tom Tyler
 Jimmy Wakely
 Wally Wales (Hal Taliaferro)
 James Warren
 John Wayne ... in the 1930s
 Ted Wells
 Ray Whitley
 Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
 Tex Williams
 Jay Wilsey (Buffalo Bill, Jr.)
 Whip Wilson
2. Heroines, Indians, Second Leads, Sidekicks, Kid Helpers, Villains, Henchies, Stage Drivers, Singers, Singing Groups ... and background performers that portrayed townsmen, barflies, ranch hands, posse riders, etc. - click below:
 Ray Whitley
 Bob Nolan (& the Sons of the Pioneers)
 The Indians 
 Heroines/Leading Ladies
 Villains & Character players 
 Saddle Pals-Sidekicks-Kids-2nd Leads 
 Henchmen & background players
 Character Actresses
 At The Reins - the Drivers
 Republic's Stable of Bad Guys
3. Hollywood Families and Individuals - click below:
 Horse trainer Glenn Randall
 Producer Lester F. Scott Jr.
 Director Raymond K. Johnson
 Bernard B. Ray & Reliable Pictures
 George W. Weeks & Range Busters
 Director Sam Newfield
 Nat Levine & Mascot
 Producer Maurice Conn
 Director Noel Mason Smith
 Fred MacKaye, Violet Neitz & Alan James
 Tansey Family in Hollywood
 Producer/director BobTansey
 Producer Jesse James Goldburg
 The Geraghty's of Hollywood
 Producer/director Robert J. Horner
 Producer Victor Adamson/Denver Dixon
 Harry S. Webb & Reliable Pictures
 Wild Bill Cody/Frederick Garfield Penniman
4. Stunt Men & Women - click below:
 Dave Sharpe
 Yakima Canutt
 More Stunt Men & Women
 At The Reins - The Drivers
 Stunt Folks - A Day At The Office
5. Various Photos including some Faces to Identify - click below:
 Who's That Face?
 Memories (snapshots)
 Behind the Scenes ...
 Photo Fun
6. Cowboy Trio Series - click below:
 Republic's Three Mesquiteers
 Monogram's Rough Riders
 Monogram's Range Busters
 Monogram's Trail Blazers
 PRC's Texas Rangers
 PRC's Frontier Marshal series
 Trios That Weren't Official Trios
 Dennis Landadio Reviews the 3 Mesquiteers
7. The Lone Ranger - click below:
 Republic's Lone Ranger Serials
 Clayton Moore
 Lee Powell
 Bob Livingston
 Chief Thunder Cloud (1st Tonto)
8. Other Series and Themes, Lost and Missing Westerns - click below:
 Ghostly / Weird Westerns
 Lost and Missing Westerns 
 Republic's 3 Guest Star westerns
 Hopalong Cassidy/William Boyd
 Warners Santa Fe Trail shorts
 Lone Rider series at PRC
 Billy the Kid at PRC
 Mountie Films
 Red Ryder in Films-TV-Radio-Comics
 Durango Kid/Charles Starrett
 Cisco Kid Films
 Duncan Renaldo - the Cisco Kid
 The B Western Goes To War!
9. More Stuff - click below:
 Canine Helpers - Movie Dogs
 Trusty Steeds - Movie Horses
 Riding Actors Association of Hollywood
 Contracts and wages
 Sunset Carson's Video Interviews on YouTube
 Roy & Dale Museum closing/auctions
 Cowboy Vending Card Machine
 B-Western Boo Boos
 Dual Roles
 TV Westerns (external sites)
 Big Little Books, etc.
 Cowboy Comic Books
 Golden Boot Awards
 Under The Big Top / Circus Days
 Tommy Scott's Wild West Show
 Gunbelt Trivia
 Cowboy Cliffhangers (Serials)
 The Bob Burns Museum
 In Search Of ... (Obits, Death Records, Soc Security, Burial Locations)
10. Ramblings and Writings - click below:
 Remembering Bobby J. Copeland
 Remembering Janus Barfoed
 Les Adams Remembers Buck Rainey
 Remembering Jack Mathis
 Les Adams Remembers Alan G. Barbour
 The Script for TRIGGER LAW
 Geronimo Film & WW2 Paratrooper Yell
 End of the Trail (B-western bites the dust)
 Buck Jones & the Cocoanut Grove Fire
 Poverty Row & the B Western Producer
 Character Identification Guidelines
11. Spreadsheets, Statistics, Film Counts, Popularity Polls & other Nitty Gritty - click below:
 Film Company Logos
 The Western Film ... By The Numbers!
 Prolific Performers
 Cowboy Popularity Polls & Rankings
 Script, Screenplay, Writers
 Sagebrush Trivia
12. Movie Locations - click below:
 Movie Locations
 Monogram/Allied Artists Western Street
 Corriganville Movie Ranch
13. Film Festivals, DVDs, Videotapes, CDs, Books, Newsletters, Auctions, TV Schedules, Movie Databases, Posters, Comics, Big Little Books, 8mm and Super8 films - click below:
 Movie Databases to Search
 Satellite/Cable TV Schedules
 CDs/Audio Tapes/Records
 Auctions-Posters-Comics-Big Little Books-etc.
 Online Movies/Streaming Videos
 Books-Print Media-Newsletters
 Bunkhouse News (film festivals) 
 Before video, there were 8mm films
14. Misc Stuff - click below:
 Search the Old Corral
 Old Corral Changes/Updates
 Acknowledgments & Thanks
 Links to other websites
 Chuck Anderson's Biography
 About the Old Corral Website
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Websites of some of our favorite western heroes:
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VCI has several DVD releases coming in early February, 2024. TRAIL OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED [1935] is the title of the re-released early sound serial THE MYSTERY TROOPER (Syndicate, 1931). The B western DVD has four films with Johnny Mack Brown, Buck Jones, and Hoot Gibson. VCI has many other DVDs and Blu-Rays. Click HERE for more info.


The Serial Squadron continues to release DVDs and Blu-Rays of silent and sound cliffhangers as well as books, some features, more. Their offerings include some films which have been colorized. Covers shown above are for THE MASKED MARVEL (Republic, 1943) and colorized THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (Mascot, 1932). They offer many others. Click HERE for more info.

Merrill T. McCord has written a wonderful biography on Nell O'Day titled Ballerina on a Horse, The Life, Careers, and Times of Nell O'Day. Nell O'Day is best remembered as the fast ridin' cowgirl and helper to Johnny Mack Brown in thirteen of his early 1940s oaters for Universal. Click HERE for more info.


Roy Rogers last film MACKINTOSH AND T.J. (1975) is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Critics Choice video has released a three film DVD of Bill Elliott westerns from Columbia Pictures. Click HERE for more info. has released a set of seven obscure oaters on MOD DVDs. VCI has released RIDERS OF DEATH VALLEY serial in DVD and Blu-Ray. Click HERE for more info.


Film historian Ed Hulse has authored Behind the Mask: The Making of Republic's Lone Ranger Serials. Click HERE for more info.

Leo Pando's Trigger - The Lives and Legend of Roy Rogers' Palomino - second edition is available from McFarland. Click HERE for more info.

John Brooker's THE HAPPIEST TRAILS, is a fantastic trip down memory lane, and many of the chapters are interviews that John did with B western guys and gals. Click HERE for more info.

Boyd Magers latest book is A GATHERING OF GUNS: A HALF CENTURY HISTORY OF TV WESTERNS (1949-2001). Click HERE for more info.

Click HERE for Boyd Magers' WESTERN CLIPPINGS website.
 Movie Making Locations Webguide
Click HERE for Jerry Schneider's Movie Making Locations Webguide.

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