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The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum was originally located in Victorville, California and opened in 1967. The museum moved to Branson, Missouri in 2003 and closed in 2009.

(Courtesy of George Heavener)
 Left are photos of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and Happy Trails Theater in Branson, Missouri, which closed on December 12, 2009. These photos were taken in June, 2004 by George Heavener and the entrance included an oversized Trigger (shown below). Note the hoss has four white socks (as did Trigger, Jr.). The original Trigger had only one white stocking on a rear leg.

(Courtesy of George Heavener)

The offficial Roy Rogers and Dale Evans website:

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans museum circa 1999 (video about 10 minutes long):

May 17, 2010 press release - Autry National Center Acquires the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Archive Collection:

The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum sale was conducted on July 14 - 15, 2010 by High Noon and Christie's, and the auction generated about $2.9 million dollars:

The USA Today newspaper website has an article about the July, 2010 auction, which includes a mention of Trigger being sold to cable channel RFD-TV:

RFD-TV purchased Trigger and dog Bullet:

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett is the adopted daughter of Roy Rogers and his first wife, Arline. Cheryl's website is at:

Boyd Magers has many photos of the museum at his Western Clippings website:

YouTube has a nice tribute to the Victorville, California Roy and Dale museum and the video was taken a day or so before the museum closed in 2003 (in preparation for the move to Branson, Missouri):

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans talk about their life and movies from Happy Trails Theaters (video about 23 minutes long):

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