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Last updated: December 23, 2023

The following information and links may help you search and find CDs, LPs or whatever on your favorite western singin' hero or group.

If you click on a link below, be aware that the Old Corral is NOT part of any money-making 'associates' or 'referral' programs with click-thru icons that take you to websites to purchase things.  Nor do I get free stuff or any financial benefits from having the folks and firms listed below.

There are lots of other CD and audio suppliers which you can find via Internet Search Engines and the like.

These are not listed in any order or priority ranking.  And nothing should be implied by the absence of a website in this listing.

If you're interested in old records and record labels, and want to find out more about what happened to a record company, go to the Album Discographies website at:


Some of you may be aware that music conductor James King did some LPs and tapes of the original Republic music scores, as well as music from the Lone Ranger.  (Note that these are NOT soundtracks taken from the original films, but are newly created, using a symphony orchestra, from the original Republic musical scores.)

Varese Sarabande was the manufacturer of the 'Cliffhangers' and 'Shoot 'Em Ups' CDs. Neither CD was available directly from Varese when I checked during Summer, 2019.

There are 'Cliffhangers' and 'Shoot'Em Ups' CDs on eBay and Amazon - do a search on those websites:

Other Sources
Name Website Address (Clickable Links)
The Country Music Archive (incorporating the British Archive of Country Music) is a non-profit organization, set up by Dave Barnes in 1987.
Lots of Gene Autry CDs are available at the official Gene Autry website.
Collectors Choice
CD Universe
Intrada (some interesting movie soundtracks including a few westerns, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, more)
Rhino Records - music page
Borders - now Barnes and Noble - music page
Varese Sarabande

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