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Who's That Face ...
inquiring minds want to know!

There's always questions about the real names of some performers in the ol' B western. Here, we'll chronicle some of those faces, and hopefully, we'll also include some answers.

Before you take a guess and e-mail me with a name for these faces, you need to cross-check your guess against the Prolific Performers list by clicking HERE. If the name that you're thinking about is listed among the Prolific Performers, it is NOT a correct answer. We know the faces associated with all the names on the Prolific Performers.

Would also be a big help if you would list a film or two in which your guess appeared.

Got a name? Click HERE to send an e-mail to Chuck Anderson, the Old Corral Webmaster.

Who's That Face ... menu
Here's a couple of unidentified henchies in the Gene Autry serial, THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (Mascot, 1935). One guy, our 'man in black' has been identified as Arthur 'Art' Rowlands. Click HERE
Can anyone ID this guy with a moustache in a Texas Rangers trio western? He's not Jack Tornek. Click HERE
Here's a hodge-podge of faces of unidentified folks ... including a "mystery painting" that appears to be of Buck Jones. Click HERE
Doug Boyer acquired a couple of images and we need help to identify some faces. An arcade/vending card added to John Doe #20. Click HERE
Can you identify this guy with John/Bob Cason in the Buster Crabbe GHOST OF HIDDEN VALLEY (PRC, 1946)? Click HERE
Here's eight faces from the Richard Dix THE KANSAN (1943). Who's the guy on the far left? Click HERE
Here's 3 faces from the Rex Bell IDAHO KID (Colony, 1936). One is a youngish Jack King and another is Curley Baldwin. There's one face left to identify. Click HERE
A fellah named Kelly Gafford did some support/bit roles in silents and he may have also done stuntwork and doubled Wally Wales and others. We're looking for any info on Gafford's screen career. Click HERE
Here's an image of a barfly/henchie that we're trying to identify. He did some work in silents and may have appeared in some later Monograms and PRCs. Click HERE
There's a couple of faces we're trying to identify that appeared in THE LONE RIDER IN GHOST TOWN (PRC, 1941). Click HERE
Here's a big galoot that's an unidentified henchman in the Bob Baker PHANTOM STAGE (Universal, 1939). He's big, burly Bill Nestell. Click HERE
Can you identify the actor portraying Custer in the Warners short LAW OF THE BADLANDS (1945). Click HERE
Can you identify this henchman in the John Wayne HAUNTED GOLD (1932). Click HERE
"Apache Jack" is the black-hatted leader of a band of Indians in BAD LANDS. Who is this actor? Click HERE
Here's a henchman from the Three Mesquiteers OVERLAND STAGE RAIDERS. Yup! It's George Sherwood. Click HERE
Here's a couple of faces to identify in THE DEVIL HORSE cliffhanger. The faces are Jack Mower and J. Paul Jones. Click HERE
Here's lots of images of the "mystery man" in the Ken Maynard serial MYSTERY MOUNTAIN (Mascot, 1934). He has been identified - he's John Preston "Jack" Cheatham (1894-1971). Click HERE

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