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Who's That Face ...
inquiring minds want to know!

Who is John Doe #22

(Image courtesy of Carol Murray and her "Jack Hendricks Photo Album")

Above from left to right are unidentified player (whom we earlier thought might be Jack Tornek), Marilyn McConnell and Jack Hendricks in MARKED FOR MURDER (PRC, 1945), one of the Texas Rangers adventures.

Here's a link to the MARKED FOR MURDER cast listing on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). We know everybody on that listing, and this moustached actor isn't one of the them:

Who is John Doe #21
Above image from Doug Boyer. There's no production number or other information on the front or back of this still, nor any reference to a film title. Does anyone recognize this guy?

Charles Meeds e-mailed: "I believe it is Larry Steers. He appeared primarily in silent films; the earliest example of which that I have is a chapter from the Ruth Roland serial 'Haunted Valley'. He worked well into the thirties and can be seen in many films, mostly poverty row, in various genres."

  Although some of the data may be incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on Larry Steers:

It's not Reed Howes (see photos of a young and older Reed Howes below).

(Courtesy of Jack Tillmany)
Reed Howes - circa 1920s

(Courtesy of Les Adams)
Reed Howes - circa 1943


Who is John Doe #20
Above is another still from Doug Boyer. That's Tom London holding the six-gun and pointing with his left hand. Can anybody identify the other faces ... especially that guy with his hands in the air. There's no production number on this still, nor any film title or names on the back.
Richard Oravitz had the arcade/vending card on the left which shows a portion of the above scene.

The card has a blue tint and measures about 3 3/8 inches wide X 5 3/8 inches in length.

There's no info on the back. Printed in the bottom right corner is THE CAPTURE. It's difficult to see, but MADE IN U.S.A is shown in the bottom left corner between Tom London's cowboy boots.


Who is John Doe #19
Above is a screen capture from the Buster Crabbe GHOST OF HIDDEN VALLEY (PRC, 1946). That's John/Bob Cason on the left, but who's the guy on the right?

Here's a link to GHOST OF HIDDEN VALLEY cast listing on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb):


(Courtesy of Dorothy Hack)

Who is John Doe #23

Above is a scene still from Herman Hack's daughter Dorothy Hack. This is a group shot from the Richard Dix THE KANSAN (1943). From left to right are our unidentified guy, Ralph Bucko, Robert Armstrong, Lew Morphy, Richard Dix, Art Felix, Cliff Parkinson and Herman Hack.

Below are crops/blowups showing the faces and names. Who's the performer on the far left that is unidentified?

Here's a link to THE KANSAN cast listing on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb):

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