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Clayton Moore

Real name:
Jack Carlton Moore

September 14, 1914 - December 28, 1999
(From Old Corral collection)

(From Old Corral collection)
A native of Chicago, Clayton Moore came to prominence in the Republic serials and westerns of the 1940s, where he did a mix of hero and bad guy roles.  His credits at Republic Pictures number about twenty films for the period 1941-1953.

Around 1949, Moore, along with Jay Silverheels, was signed to star in a half-hour western adventure series that was to be broadcast on some newfangled technology called television.

The character had been on radio for about fifteen years and Republic did two serials in the late 1930s - this was the Lone Ranger, the fabled 'Masked Rider of the Plains', created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker.

Through that role - as well as his off-screen deeds and actions - Moore became immortalized as THE Lone Ranger.

Most important, he became a real life role model that we could look up to and admire. That's the legacy that Clayton Moore leaves behind ... and that's how I'll remember him.


Clayton Moore (and Jay Silverheels as Tonto) on TV's Lone Ranger.


(From Old Corral collection)

Above - the skeletal villain is about to administer a mind control serum to scientist Chambers (played by Kenne Duncan) in THE CRIMSON GHOST (Republic, 1946) cliffhanger. The voice of the Crimson Ghost belonged to I. Stanford Jolley. Some reports indicate that it was Joe Forte that wore the cape and mask; other reports suggest it was stunt people and who knows. On the left is Clayton Moore as henchman Ashe.

(Courtesy of Boyd Magers)

Above is the Chapter 1 title lobby card for the 13 episode ADVENTURES OF FRANK AND JESSE JAMES (Republic, 1948). "Frank James" was portrayed by a moustached Steve Darrell (in buckskins) and Clayton Moore (upper right) was "Jesse James". Shown bottom left is George J. Lewis and heroine Noel Neill is pictured bottom right.

(From Old Corral collection)

Above - Clayton Moore battles Dale Van Sickel in the 12 chapter GHOST OF ZORRO (Republic, 1949).

(From Old Corral collection)

L-to-R are Clayton Moore, George J. Lewis, and Pamela Blake in GHOST OF ZORRO (Republic, 1949). In this serial, it was Moore, Lewis and Blake vs. no-goods Roy Barcroft and Gene Roth.

(Courtesy of Randy Laing)

Above from L-to-R are a very grey Bud Osborne, Tommy Farrell and Clayton Moore in the serial SON OF GERONIMO (Columbia, 1952).

BUFFALO BILL IN TOMAHAWK TERRITORY (Jack Schwarz/United Artists, 1952) was co-produced by Bernard B. Ray and Edward Finney and Ray also directed. Ed Finney produced many Tex Ritter oaters for Grand National and Monogram. Ray and partner Harry S. Webb operated Reliable Pictures in the mid 1930s and are best remembered for a series starring Tom Tyler.

In TOMAHAWK TERRITORY, Clayton Moore wore a goatee and big mustache as the hero, and this was filmed during his one year salary argument break from the Lone Ranger TV show. Chock full of (old) stock footage, this is a rather dreary mess.

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