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Searching the Old Corral website

The GoogleTM search above can be used to search the Old Corral at Or if you click on the WWW, you can search various websites on the Internet.

Be Aware Message: Google provides this free service to websites - but as part of that free search service, Google may include some "sponsored links" on the right side of the search results page. Those "sponsored links" do not come from the Old Corral ... are not endorsed by the Old Corral ... the Old Corral has no input or control over the websites shown as "sponsored links".

Search instructions and tips ... and narrowing down your search:

For EXACT matches of a word or phrase, put quote marks around the word/phrase (like "Bob Steele" or "Dale Evans" or "Billy the Kid" or "Range Busters").

What happens If you do NOT use the quote marks? If you enter the words Bob Steele, the search will return a mix of pages containing Bob Steele, Bob, and Steele (so pages containing Bob Steele, Bob Custer, Bob Livingston, Bob Allen, Bob Baker, Bob Kortman and more will also appear).

You can use the quote marks around multiple phrases to get a more precise match.  For example, if you wanted all the webpages with reference to Bob Steele and his work with the Trail Blazers and Three Mesquiteers, type in:
"Bob Steele" "Trail Blazers" "Three Mesquiteers"

You need to type in words and phrases with the correct spelling and spacing. For example, if you type in bobsteele without a space between bob and steele, you won't get any matches.

Don't worry about capitalization and lower case --- if you type in bob steele or BOB STEELE, the search will work fine.

Examples of search results that I ran in in March, 2020. Some are with and without quotes, and some with spelling errors:

Remember - the "hits" represent WEBPAGES where a match occurs. For example - there were 687 webpages which contained one or more occurences of the word Republic. Thus, the filmography webpage on Gene Autry which contains scores of the word Republic would be a match of 1.

Word/phrase entered in search box
with and without the quote marks
Number of WEBPAGES on the Old Corral
that contain one or more occurences
of that word or phrase
"Bob" 617
"BobSteele" 0
steele 325
Bob Steele 313
"Bob Steele" 293
"Bob Steele" "Trail Blazers" 78
"Bob Steele" Mesquiteers 112
"Roy Barcroft" 82
horse 521
"white horse" 76
"Bob Steele" horse 160
"Billy the Kid" 100
Monogram 517
Republic 687
"Republic Pictures" 336
"Republic studios" 30

What not to do:

Some words and phrases are too general and will get you a gazillion matches --- for example, don't try words or phrases like Republic, Monogram, cowboy, western, cliffhanger, serial, B western, movie, film, hero, heroine, stagecoach, wagon, sidekick, stunt, henchman, posse.

Keep it simple --- for example, don't type in something like cowboy horses of the movies.  Just type in the word horse.  If you want to see info on Bob Steele's horses, type in "Bob Steele" horse.

Don't use sentences or include a bunch of extra words. If you type in Bob Steele films with the Trail Blazers and Three Mesquiteers, the search engine will try to match the words films, with, the, and ... along with Bob, Steele, Trail, Blazers, Three, Mesquiteers.

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