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Before videotape, there were 8 mm and Super8 mm films for the home market.

Recently, I re-discovered a box containing many 8 mm and Super8 mm films that I purchased long before the arrival of VHS and Beta videotape machines.

In addition to westerns and serials from Castle, Republic and Columbia Pictures, I bought Laurel and Hardys from Blackhawk Films, westerns from Walton, more.

The main issue with these was the very brief running times as they were excerpts from the main film or serial chapter.

For those of you who also bought these, below are some box covers to refresh your memories.

Many Blackhawk Films catalogs are available at the USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive:

Castle Films history at Wikipedia:

The Super8 Database has info on the companies that made 8mm and Super8mm films for the home market:

YouTube has some Castle films to view / download:

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