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Photo Fun

I get some photos from Old Corral contributors which are a little unique or unusual ... or a crowd scene or a pic that's just chock full of actors and actresses ... or a group shot of the cast.  This section will be devoted to those kinds of photos.  And they'll be served in X-Large format for your viewing pleasure.

If you like a photo, make sure to right click on it, and do a save --- cuz I will be replacing these periodically (and the reason is simple --- images of this size consume too much web server space and take too long for you to download unless you have a cable connection or DSL).

If anybody can identify any of the folks in these photos, shoot the Old Corral webmaster an e-mail.

Photo Fun Menu
Want to see a young John Wayne in a football photo from his 1925 Glendale High School days? Click HERE
In 1941, a bunch of western film folks gathered at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood to honor director George Marshall. Here's a group photo from that ceremony. There's a woman in the photo who is often mistakenly identified as Columbia heroine Iris Meredith. It ain't Iris. May be Pat Starling? Can you identify her? And Glenn Tryon may also be in the photo? Click HERE
Can you identify some faces in this cast and crew shot from the Tex Ritter oater, TEX RIDES WITH THE BOY SCOUTS (Grand National, 1938)? Click HERE
Can someone help identify where and when this photo was taken of Buck Jones and a very, very large crowd? Click HERE
National Pictures Gulf Coast Studios ... A Kier Phillips Production ... take a looksee. Click HERE
2 photos --- Iron Eyes Cody, Dan White and several others sitting around with a Wild West Show background. And Bob Steele, Alex Gordon and others at the Brown Derby Restaurant discussing a TV series for Steele. Click HERE
2 photos --- Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard in a scene from a silent film, and William Farnum, Louise Lovely, and a cast of thousands in a shot from THE ORPHAN (1920). Click HERE
3 photos --- Jack Hoxie at the "Hollywood Bank", Buddy Roosevelt, Hank Bell and others in a silent film, and William S. Hart and a bunch of folks in a photo from the silent SQUARE DEAL SANDERSON Click HERE

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