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Thanks to Ed Tabor for this great cast and crew shot from TEX RIDES WITH THE BOY SCOUTS (Grand National, 1938).

1. Tex Palmer
2. Hank Worden
3. Chick Hannon
4. Ed Cassidy
5. Forrest Taylor (brains heavy)
6. Lynton Brent
7. Cameraman Gus Peterson
8. Director Ray Taylor

9. Tex Ritter
10. Charlie King
11. Karl Hackett
12. "Snub" Pollard (Tex's sidekick)
13. Horace Murphy (Tex's sidekick)
14. Marjorie Reynolds (heroine)
15. Augie Gomez

Who's not in this photo? We couldn't spot producer Ed Finney ... or assistant director Robert 'Bob' Tansey ... or child actor Tommy Bupp ... or Ken Card ... and Eva McKenzie and daughter Fay McKenzie were in the film but are not in the photo.

 The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has information on TEX RIDES WITH THE BOY SCOUTS (Grand National, 1938):

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