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I view this site as a cooperative effort, and you can see a lot of that in the material provided by the fans, collectors, and family members that are mentioned below.  If you have some suggestions, e-mail me with your ideas ... if you have a stash of great photos or lobby cards, and access to a scanner, e-mail me with the info, and maybe we can use (and I'll give you picture credit, of course).

What began in May, 1998 as a commentary and pictorial on the trio westerns from Monogram Pictures and Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC) has significantly expanded.  A lot of people and organizations have helped by furnishing material, ideas, questions and encouragement ... and that has added much to the content, quality and accuracy of the Old Corral.

 If you wish to find a particular name, simply use your web browser's built-in FIND function and that will allow you to search down this page.  In the upper left of your screen, you should see the word 'EDIT'.  Click on that, and in the drop down menu, click on 'FIND' to do your search.  In web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others, you can also hit the Ctrl-F key combination to open the FIND box (hold down the Ctrl Key in the lower left of your keyboard, and also press the key for the letter F).  In the 'Find What' box, type in a name. When done typing, begin the search by clicking on the 'Find Next' button which will take you to the first occurrence of that word or phrase (or to the end of this page, if no match is found).  Keep clicking on the 'Find Next' button to continue down to all the matches.

Special thanks to cowboy fan and collector Minard Coons, for all his help, insight and encouragement with the Old Corral ... and for providing pictures, memorabilia and memories on those great B western actors, actresses and films.

Without Minard's help, the Old Corral would be significantly less.

Minard Coons in 1972 with his pals, Max Terhune and Elmer Sneezeweed.

In the Summer of '99, I was very pleased to connect with western film expert Les Adams, who co-authored Shoot-Em-Ups with Buck Rainey.  About twenty years ago, Les also wrote and published a series of softcover 'zines titled Yesterday's Saturdays, and each issue highlighted a couple dozen B westerns and included cast lists, plot synopsis, ad cuts, etc.  I really appreciate Les' insight and input on the western, as his expertise on the genre far exceeds my knowledge level.

More Names and Organizations:

Special thanks to family members and friends of B-western performers and production personnel who provided valuable info and images:

I'm grateful to the following organizations:

Following is a rambling list, in no particular order, with some additional thanks to the B-western experts, writers, and fans who contributed with articles, images ... and their time:

There are a variety of other western and serial fans who have provided input and comments relating to a particular individual or subject (such as Eddie Dean, Tommy Scott, etc.).  Those contributors are mentioned and credited within those specific Old Corral webpages.

Lastly, if I missed YOUR name, please accept my sincere apologies ... it certainly wasn't intentional.  As I've grown older, I've found that I need Post-It notes stuck to my shirt to remember things.  But quite often, those durn notes are still attached when I run the shirts through the durn washin' machine.  Please shoot me an e-mail with a subject of "Hey forgetful --- remember me!", and I'll gladly add your name to the list of the contributors and helpers to the Old Corral.  Click HERE to send an e-mail to Chuck Anderson, the Old Corral Webmaster - a separate window will open.

Books and References

There's several books which have become my primary references:

Chuck Anderson
ye Old Corral curator and webmeister

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