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Sunset Carson's Hollywood Nostalgia Theater

The many video interviews and conversations below were shot for a TV series that Sunset and Jerry Whittington were developing. Jerry was in the editing process when Sunset passed away. Most of these were filmed circa 1982 at Movieland Frontier Town, Colton, California.

Jerry uploaded the videos to YouTube for your viewing pleasure and also provided the pressbook images below which outline the proposed series.

Sad to report that 74 year old Jerry Lee Whittington passed away on September 13, 2015.

(Courtesy of Jerry Whittington)

(Courtesy of Jerry Whittington)

Sunset Carson's Hollywood Nostalgia Theater Interviews. These YouTube links will open in a separate tab/window.

Sunset and Lash LaRue on the set of ALIEN OUTLAW (1985):

Sunset on the set of ALIEN OUTLAW (1985):

Max Harrison, Comic Book Artist:

Country Singer Melvena Kaye:

Sunset's Son, Michael James:

Bob Brown, Leather Craftsman:

Fred Scott and Bob Scott:

Lee and Ray Broom from "Sunset Carson Rides Again":

Lash LaRue:

The B-Western Stars, Part 1:

The B-Western Stars, Part 2:

Yakima Canutt and B-Western Stars:

Sharp Shootin' Show:

Eddie Dean:

Penny Edwards:

John Smith of "Laramie", Part 1:

John Smith of "Laramie", Part 2:

Out Takes With John Smith of "Laramie" and others:

Peggy Stewart:

Peggy Stewart:

Reno Browne (Reno Blair):

Evelyn Finley:

Terry Frost:

Linda Stirling:

Pierce Lyden:

Carolina Cotton, the Yodeling Cowgirl:

Kirk Alyn, Superman:

John Hart:

Monte Hale:

Fred Scott:

Anthony 'Tony' Caruso:

Sunset Carson has a shootout with some of the stars on The Hollywood Nostalgia Theater Show:

In addition to the above Sunset Interviews, Jerry Whittington has several other Sunset Carson videos on YouTube. These YouTube links will open in a separate tab/window.

Sunset Carson is interviewed about his days at Republic Pictures:

Sunset Carson - Masters Hollywood Award Show:

Sunset Carson - Western Star video magazine:

Sunset Carson - the Sagebrush Heroes:

Sunset Carson Movie Trailers:

Sunset Carson at Hillbilly World amusement park, Hampton, Tennessee, circa 1973:

Sunset Carson and Ken Maynard in 8mm film shot in 1972 during the filming of MARSHAL OF WINDY HOLLOW near Owensboro, Kentucky:

Sunset takes you on a tour of Movieland Frontier Town, Colton, California, 1982:

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