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Welcome to Cowboy and Cliffhanger Memories, a picture album of our favorite heroes, heroines and baddies in their later years.

These home/personal photos are from the collections of Minard Coons, Donn and Nancy Moyer, Dave Twomey/Happy the Clown, Larry Blanks, the Red Birds country western singin' group, Ancel Cook, Larry Imber, Andy Southard, Don Stevens, and Jerry Whittington. I (we) thank them for sharing these. Their photos are owned and copyrighted by them, and other than viewing and saving same for your personal, non-commercial use, no other rights are given or implied, including the re-use of these photos on other websites.

There's an old saying that "time waits for no man" ... even these hard ridin', rip-snortin' cowboys and cowgirls that rode across the silver screen got old ... and most are no longer with us.

Each of the images below are "clickable" and will take you to a particular memory section.

Jerry Whittington's uncle owned three movie houses in North Carolina, and B western folks made personal appearances there.

Above is Don Stevens (center) with Leo Carrillo (left) and Duncan Renaldo (right).

Above - Larry Imber with Jimmy Wakely.

Above - Patty and Andy Southard (far left and far right) with Iron Eyes Cody and singin' cowboy Fred Scott.

Above - Minard Coons and Bob Steele.

In the center are Donn and Nancy Moyer, flanked by Mary and Dana Andrews.

Above - Dave Twomey/Happy the Clown with Eddie Dean.

Above - Larry Blanks with Republic heroine Peggy Stewart.

Above - Ancel Cook with Clayton 'Lone Ranger' Moore.

Above - the Red Birds country-western singing group with Duncan Renaldo.

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