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If you're looking for a person, a film title, etc., go to the databases noted below.  If you're looking for a videotape of a serial or western, links are also below.  Next are some websites that offer 'streaming videos' --- i.e., online movies you can watch on your PC, assuming your connection speed is fast enuf.  The last section has links to Satellite/Cable/TV schedules.

Movie Databases

There are several movie databases available on the Internet.  The main issue is that they are generally updated by folks like you or I, thus some of the data may be inaccurate or incomplete.  But if you have a question about a movie title or a person associated with films, you should check these websites:

Movin' Pictures On Your PC
Downloadable Movies/Streaming Video

There are many websites that offer 'streaming video' of old movies, serials and TV shows --- some offer free access to these films, while others require payment. There's two wonderful websites which offer free access to old westerns and serials:

Though sometimes slow, the Internet Archive website is the clear winner on old movie downloads. No fees, no registration, no ads ... just download the file to your PC or Mac or view the movie online. They have a bunch of public domain westerns, mysteries, cartoons, serials, TV shows, more. They even have old time radio broadcasts for you to download. When you get to this webpage, look at the box toward the top center of your screen, and you can browse their film list in alphabetical order, by recent additions, etc.:

YouTube has a variety of public domain westerns and serials which you can view or download. At the top of the homepage, enter "Ken Maynard" or "Tim McCoy" or whatever into the search box:

Satellite/Cable/TV Schedules

Many of the 'Satellite/Cable/TV schedule' websites require you to do some work in order to deliver your particular schedule ... so you have to identify your zip code, the name of your cable or satellite dish company, etc.  Some require you to 'register' (most are free) in order to access some content.

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