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Above - Ken Maynard on Tarzan

What I originally thought would be a relatively easy project - a webpage on B western movie horses - was a bit more complicated and brain numbing than I expected. This is a start on identifying those great steeds, and as always, I welcome your corrections. I'll add more pictures and info as time permits.

One bit of caution on B western horses - while some heroes owned their own hoss or horses (like Ken Maynard, Roy and Gene), many simply rode whatever rental or studio mount was provided to them. A good example is John Wayne in his 1930s westerns at Warners, Lone Star/Monogram and Republic. Wayne rode all kinds and colors of horses during those films.

And No! ... I don't have a listing of cowboy heroes and their names of their horses.  There's some weblinks at the bottom of this page which provide that. Trusty Steeds consists of pictures and movie artwork, with tie-ins back to the cowboy heroes and their horses.

IF your favorite cowboy rode a white horse during all or part of his career, check the following "White Hoss" pages first. These three horses were ridden by many western movie heroes over many years.

And IF your favorite cowboy rode a paint often or occasionally, check the following webpage:

And more about horses:

(Courtesy of Minard Coons)
One of the legendary heroes of the B oater was Max Terhune's dummy and sidekick Elmer Sneezeweed.

In the photo left, Elmer is ready to gallop down another dusty trail to adventure. Linda Dockery sent an e-mail regarding Elmer's trusty steed ... and that it was named "Flash".

Hoss Links

There's a profile on former pro boxer Ace Hudkins who settled down and became the owner of one of the main stables that furnished horses, wagons, etc. to Hollywood. Included is mention of Hudkins' Silver as well as the original Trigger that Roy Rogers purchased in the early 1940s. Go to The Movieland Directory website at:

The website has a great photo of horse trainer Glenn Randall with the original Trigger:

The article "Memories of Ralph McCutcheon, Champion Movie Horse Trainer" by Ian Whitcomb is at:

Henry Crowell did an interesting article on his work and association with Gene Autry and Champion:

Following are more horses and horse names that may be helpful ... or add to the confusion as there's errors and missing names on the listings:

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