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Westerns and Cliffhangers on DVD
Last updated: September 26, 2018

The westerns and serials on DVD keep a comin', and below is just a SAMPLING of what's currently available.

The most recent additions and updates are at the top and shown with a or

On the next webpage, you'll find a long list of western and serial DVD sources, and you can check those websites for more new releases, search around for the best prices, etc. There's also a few companies still offering film. And there's several movie databases which you can search.

 Warner Archive is re-releasing the 1948 and 1950 Superman serials with Kirk Alyn. These are made-on-demand (MOD) DVDs.

No mention of a Blu-Ray version.

Priced at about $35.00 from Warner Archive and Amazon:

 Tom Goethe e-mailed about Alpha Video / releasing a collection of seven Yakima Canutt silent starring oaters which he made in the 1920s for producer Ben Wilson. The set contains four made-on-demand (MOD) DVDs.


The DVD collection is priced at about $17.00 plus U. S. postage direct from Alpha /

Was not yet available at Amazon.

 Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing a "Superhero Origins" three DVD set with Columbia's THE SHADOW (1940), BATMAN (1943) and the BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949) serials. Apparently, Mill Creek released these a year or more ago, but I missed it.

Info at the Mill Creek website:

Available at Amazon for about $10.00:

 Earnie Price e-mailed about Alpha Video / releasing a made-on-demand (MOD) DVD with the lost / missing DESERT MESA along with Lane Chandler's THE TEXAS TORNADO (TV title: RANCH DYNAMITE). In the mid 1930s, and calling himself 'Tom Wynn / Wynne', prolific stuntman and henchie Wally West had a very brief fling at playing a hero when he starred for Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon in DESERT MESA (Security, 1935) and MORMON CONQUEST (Security, 1939).

Renown Pictures Ltd in the UK recently released a DVD set which included DESERT MESA. The Alpha / description notes that their MESA print came from the collection of Adamson family friend, Samuel M. Sherman.

Priced at about $10.00 (includes U. S. postage) direct from Alpha /

Also available on Amazon:

 Got an e-mail from Tom Goethe with news that Mill Creek Entertainment will be releasing a DVD set containing 10 Charles Starrett / Durango Kid adventures and the price is about $15.00.

I believe all ten titles were previously released on DVD under Sony Pictures Choice Collection brand. Two films in this set, LIGHTNING GUNS and THE HAWK OF WILD RIVER, were among the lost/missing Durango Kids and came out on DVD in 2014.

More details including a list of the titles is at:

Amazon has it available in mid January, 2018 for under $10.00:

Earnie Price e-mailed with news that the Warner Archive will be releasing a made-on-demand (MOD) DVD of Tom Keene's RENEGADES OF THE WEST (RKO, 1932) on November 28, 2017.

You can pre-order the DVD and the price is about $22.00.:

The lost / missing DESERT MESA has been found and is now available from Renown Pictures Ltd in the UK.

In the mid 1930s, and calling himself 'Tom Wynn / Wynne', prolific stuntman and henchie Wally West had a very brief fling at playing a hero when he starred for Victor Adamson / Denver Dixon in DESERT MESA (Security, 1935) and MORMON CONQUEST (Security, 1939).

DESERT MESA is part of a DVD set containing Bob Steele - A Demon for Trouble; Rex Lease - Fighting Caballero; Guinn Williams - Big Boy Rides Again and The Invisible Message (UK title for Gun Play); Jack Perrin - The Cactus Kid; Fred Scott - In Old Montana and Knight of the Plains; Tom Tyler - Law and Order (UK title for Fast Bullets); Bill Cody - Frontier Days and The Call of Justice (UK title for Outlaws of the Range.) Not available from Amazon U. S. But I've been in contact with a couple folks who ordered the set directly from Renown, and the cost and postage was about $38.00.

Details on the DVD collection is at:


In late August, 2017, the Warner Archive released several westerns in made on demand (MOD) DVDs. Each are priced at about $22.00 from the Warner Archive Shop. Links below to details:

Tom Keene in CROSSFIRE (1932):

Edmond O'Brien in COW COUNTRY (1953):

Steve Cochran in THE LION AND THE HORSE (1952):

Another great serial is to be released by Kino Lorber in mid September, 2017 in DVD and Blu-Ray versions. ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (Republic, 1941) stars Tom Tyler, Frank Coghlan Jr. and Louise Currie vs. Harry Worth as "the Scorpion".

Directed by William Witney and John English and lots of great stuntwork by Dave Sharpe, MARVEL is considered among the greatest of the sound era cliffhangers.

The Kino Lorber description says their source material is "Newly re-mastered from a 4K Scan by Paramount Pictures Archives".

Prices run from about $10.00 - $19.00.

From Kino Lorber:

Available at Amazon:

Sprocket Vault / Kit Parker Films has released a wonderful DVD of the 1928 silent serial THE MYSTERIOUS AIRMAN, a ten episode "Super Chapterplay of the Air" starring silent era serial superstar Walter Miller and Eugenia Gilbert and produced by the Weiss Brothers.

Digitally remastered from a tinted 35mm nitrate print, the only missing piece is the beginning of Chapter 9.

There's a commentary track by film historian Richard M. Roberts and a new piano score is by Dr. Andrew Simpson, main accompanist of the Library of Congress, Packard Campus in Culpeper, Virginia. There's several extras: "Flying Cadets" (1928) two-reel short with vintage plane shots and filmed at Brooks Field, Texas; New York Censor Board Files (as some scenes had to be cut for the serial to be shown in the State of New York); a gallery of posters and lobby cards.

Am doing one chapter an evening and have viewed the first three episodes ... and the quality is absolutely marvelous. Screen capture below from Chapter 2.

An overview of the serial is at Sprocket Vault's website:

Sprocket Vault sells their DVDs exclusively through Amazon and the price is about $20.00:

Another great cliffhanger is to be released by Kino Lorber in late April, 2017 in DVD and Blu-Ray versions. DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE (Republic, 1939) stars Charles Quigley, Herman Brix and stuntman Dave Sharpe as circus performers pitted against Charles Middleton as "39013". Pretty Carole Landis is the heroine and direction by John English and William Witney. DAREDEVILS is among the finest of the sound era serials.

Prices run from about $12.00 - $18.00.

From Kino Lorber:

Available at Amazon:

Olive Films has much of the Republic film library. In February, 2017, Olive released DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the twelve chapter PANTHER GIRL OF THE KONGO (Republic, 1955) which stars Phyllis Coates and Myron Healey. Ye Old Corral webmeister is not a great fan of jungle serials, so I did not order a copy. But a couple movie buddies did purchase PANTHER GIRL and said the quality was quite good.

More on PANTHER GIRL at the Olive Films website:

Available from Amazon for about $14.00:

Tom Goethe alerted me that has DVDs with Audie Murphy and Joel McCrea, and both are listed from TCM (Turner Classics) and Universal.

These are made on demand (MOD), four DVDs per set, and the price for either collection is about $38.00.



Warner Archive/WB Shop has released Monogram Cowboy Collection Volume Nine with three made-on-demand (MOD) DVDs and nine films from Johnny Mack Brown's series at Monogram.

The titles are:

When I checked in December, 2016, the price was about $23.00:


In the 1950s, real life U. S. Navy pilot and World War II hero Wayne Morris did some B+ westerns which were released by Monogram / Allied Artists. Warner Archive/WB Shop has released three of his westerns on MOD DVDs and the price is about $19.00 each:

SIERRA PASSAGE (Monogram, 1951):

THE DESPERADO (Allied Artists, 1954):

DESERT PURSUIT (Allied Artists, 1952):

Warner Archive/WB Shop has a three DVD set with nine George O'Brien RKO oaters, and the price is about $25.00 direct from Warner Archives or Amazon:'

Titles are:

January, 2018 update: Amazon has this DVD set for about $10.00:

Tom Goethe was at K-mart and came across a new 12 movie Lash La Rue two DVD set from Echo Bridge Entertainment which was released in May, 2013. K-mart had it in their discount bin for $7.50.

These are not Lash's films at PRC, but the dozen he and Al 'Fuzzy' St. John did for producer/director Ron Ormond and his Western Adventure production company during 1948-1952.

E-mail from pal Minard Coons: "I bought the Lash La Rue Collector's Set from Echo Bridge through Amazon. Disc one has Great picture quality, but the sound is fuzzy. Disc 2 has great picture and sound. I haven't been through disc 2 all the way and have only found one flaw in it. During the film transfer of THE DALTON'S WOMEN (1951), they got reel 2 and 3 reversed, so story goes from reel one to reel three and then reel two. After that it is okay. But it is a great Lash La Rue set for any La Rue fan."

August, 2016: while this Roy Rogers DVD set has some issues as described below, Amazon is selling new and used copies for about $3.00 - $19.00:
Jack Tillmany bought this DVD collection, was completely disappointed, and e-mailed me with a BUYER BEWARE! warning for those who might be considering purchasing this. Thankfully, Jack's comments arrived in time as ye Old Corral webmeister was about ready to order the set.

This six DVD / 20 film "Roy Rogers - King of the Cowboys" collection is from Timeless Media Group and labeled as "Authorized by the Roy Rogers Estate", "Licensed by the Roy Rogers Family Trust", "Digitally Remastered for the Best in Audio and Video Quality", and "Compiled with the assistance of Roy 'Dusty' Rogers Jr. and Jeffrey Kramer".

With all that fanfare, the expectation is that the films would be high quality, certainly better than other versions of Roy's films that have been churned out over the years on VHS and DVD from various bargain priced vendors and collectors. Checking the backs of the DVD covers, every movie is listed with running times between 62 minutes and 78 minutes, which implies that you're getting full length features, not 52 - 54 minute cut-down versions that fit a one hour time TV slot.

Priced at around $60.00 - $70.00 at online stores such as and Barnes and Noble, this set is expensive ... and a very disappointing mix of B&W and Trucolor oaters, many of which are not in great shape. Most are not full length but are shortened versions with the Happy Trails Theater interviews that were done by Roy and Dale on The Nashville Network many years ago.

The creators of this DVD are even confused - for example, they list SONS OF THE PIONEERS (1942) as 64 minutes long and in Color (the original film was about 55 minutes and in B&W). The B&W SONS version in the set is 52 minutes long. Add in Roy, Dale and Ruth Terry doing Happy Trails Theater and the whole shebang totals about 61 minutes. Yet COWBOY AND THE SENORITA (1944) is complete at about 78 minutes and includes the Republic logo and opening/closing titles, but no Happy Trails chit-chat before or after.

On the positive side, there are the Happy Trails Theater interviews, a tour of the now closed Roy and Dale Museum, and some other special features.

There's a discussion about this DVD set at the Nitrateville website:

Warner Archive has released a made-on-demand (MOD) DVD set of Wild Bill Elliott in eight of his Monogram / Allied Artists westerns. Titles are: THE LONGHORN, WACO, KANSAS TERRITORY, THE MAVERICK, REBEL CITY, TOPEKA, VIGILANTE TERROR, and THE FORTY-NINERS.

Warner Archive/WB Shop website has the DVD for about $32.00: is advertising the DVD set for about $29.00:

Volume 3                              Volume 2                              Volume 1

Before Kirby Grant became TV's Sky King, he did some westerns at Universal and portrayed a Canadian Mounted Police officer in a series for Monogram.

In September, 2015, the Warner Archives released Volume 3 of the Kirby Grant Monogram mountie adventures. Titled "Kirby Grant and Chinook Adventure Triple Feature Volume 3", it includes titles TRAIL OF THE YUKON, FANGS OF THE ARCTIC and NORTHERN PATROL and the made-on-demand (MOD) DVD is about $19.00 at the WB Shop:

Amazon has it for about $17.00:

More on the two earlier Grant and Chinook mounted police MOD DVDs from the Warner Archives:

Volume 2 includes THE WOLF HUNTERS, SNOW DOG, and CALL OF THE KLONDIKE, and the WB Shop has it for about $19.00:

Titles on Volume 1 are YUKON MANHUNT, YUKON GOLD and NORTHWEST TERRITORY and the WB Shop has it for about $14.50:

Sony continues to release old B westerns under their Sony Pictures Choice Collection brand and their latest oater is Buck Jones in THE DEADLINE (Columbia, 1931).

In this Made on Demand (MOD) DVD, Buck is sent to prison on a bogus manslaughter charge but is paroled. And he has to stay out of trouble or go back to prison. A good one directed by Lambert Hillyer.

Amazon has the DVD for about $20.00:

VCI Entertainment has released the quartet of Russell Hayden Canadian mounted police adventures which were produced by Robert L. Lippert for his Screen Guild corporation and released in 1946-1947. I always felt that Hayden was a much under-rated action hero. The running time for each film is 40-45 minutes, and helming the series were old pros B. Reeves 'Breezy' Eason (2) and Howard Bretherton (2). When I checked the VCI website in August, 2016, I could not find this title.

However, Amazon has the DVD for about $10.00:

July, 2018 update: bargains for Hopalong Cassidy fans!

Echo Bridge Entertainment has a complete set of the 66 Hopalong Cassidy films on a 10 DVD set. Amazon has the 10 DVD set for about $35.00:

It's always worthwhile to shop around - Hamilton Books has the set for about $20.00:

Timeless Media / Shout Factory has the complete 52 episode run of the Hoppy TV show on 6 DVDs for about $10.00:


Great news! The complete set of Dick Foran's twelve Warners westerns from 1935-1937 will be available on MOD (made on demand) DVD in late July, 2015.

Foran had a likeable screen persona and a good voice ... and he rode the palomino Smoke/Smoky several years prior to Roy Rogers and Trigger at Republic Pictures. Production values were better and slicker than other B oaters from that period. And the casts included pretty leading ladies as well as no-goods and other faces that generally weren't seen in B westerns churned out by Poverty Row companies.

My Foran favorites: CALIFORNIA MAIL (1936) with Foran versus Edmund Cobb and Milt Kibbee and there's a fabulous and frantic stagecoach race; and EMPTY HOLSTERS (1937) has Foran railroaded into a prison sentence and Emmett Vogan doing a superb job as nasty brains heavy "Ace Cain".

The Dick Foran Warners westerns DVD collection is about $40.00:

Got e-mail reminders from Ron Blalock, Ralph Unroe and Minard Coons on the new Monogram Cowboy Collection Volume 8 from the Warner Archives Collection. This is a four disc set with twelve films.

My understanding is that the 12 films are:
6 of the 8 Rough Riders trio series with Buck Jones, Tim McCoy and Raymond Hatton: Arizona Bound (1941), The Gunman from Bodie (1941), Forbidden Trails (1941), Below the Border (1942), Ghost Town Law (1942) and West of the Law (1942).
3 starring Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton: Law of the Valley (1944), West of the Rio Grande (1944) and Silver Range (1946).
And 3 Johnny Mack Brown solo oaters: Over the Border (1950), Six Gun Mesa (1950) and West of Wyoming (1950).

This looks to be a good but confusing mix of Monogram titles - i.e., didn't they have good prints on the other two Rough Riders adventures?

Priced at about $40.00 from the Warner Archives:

Several years ago, the Video Kart, Ltd./Films Around The World began issuing DVDs which you could buy via their Video Kart website, and we had that info on this videotape/DVD webpage.

Times have changed ... and DVD MOD (made on demand) seems to be the current rage. In 2012, Films Around The World started a new label called "Mr. FAT-W Video", discontinued their Video Kart website, and partnered with to manufacture DVDs to order, as well as offering downloads, streaming, etc. They have over a hundred films available through amazon, and that includes about 60 westerns (John Wayne Lone Stars as well as PRC oaters with Dean, Lash, Wayne, Crabbe, Steele and the Texas Rangers). Films Around The World is also the source on all/most all of the Dean, Lash, Crabbe, Wayne/Lone Stars and Steele/PRCs shown on Encore's Westerns channel.

Their MOD DVDs are about $10.00-$15.00 each, and the following link will take you to and the full listing of titles:

Circa 1976, MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH was released on videotape, and I got it on either a Beta or VHS tape. This B western compilation/tribute was a collaborative effort of Packy Smith and Richard Patterson - Richard directed and Smith provided his B western knowledge, selected the heroes and film clips, etc. For those who had the original videotape - and for those who didn't - this compilation consists of scores of B oater movie clips put together into a wild and crazy western plot that runs nearly 90 minutes long. Pat Buttram does the narration.

There's good news. The original 35mm source material was re-used to create a new DVD-R titled MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH - THE ORIGINAL DIRECTOR'S CUT. What's great is that you can turn on the DVD subtitle option and the original film title will be shown under the clips. And I'm bettin' that you'll have a smile on your face watching lots of saloon brawls, cattle stampedes, and Indian attacks.

The price is about $10.00 and is available at amazon:

Both websites have a bit more details on the original and new directors cut.

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