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Saddle Pals & Sidekicks + The Kids

An ingredient which was prevalent in the B western was the presence of a helper - or several helpers - to the hero.

That person was often a bumbling comic like Smiley Burnette, Fuzzy St. John, Dub 'Cannonball' Taylor, Roscoe Ates, or the whiskered Emmett 'Pappy' Lynn ... or sometimes a more serious, gun-totin' assistant like Raymond Hatton, Dennis Moore, Jimmy Ellison or Russell Hayden.  Max Terhune enhanced the Three Mesquiteers, Range Busters, and Johnny Mack Brown westerns with his card tricks and escapades with his dummy Elmer.  Andy Clyde rode the trail in many of the Hopalong Cassidy and Whip Wilson westerns.  There were even some 'singing sidekicks' such as Ray Whitley, Bob Nolan and Johnny Bond.  And, of course, there was everyone's favorite, whiskered George Hayes.

Juvenile helpers were also common, and the first that comes to mind is Bobby Blake as Little Beaver in the Red Ryder films.

As to the term "sidekick", it was used infrequently in the ol' B western. While watching SHADOW VALLEY (PRC, 1947), singing cowboy Eddie Dean compliments his pal Roscoe 'Soapy' Ates when he says: "Even though you're a tenth rate shot, you're a first-rate sidekick!"

You'll find expanded coverage on many of the performers listed below.  On some, there's an image or two along with a brief profile/biography.  I'll add more information and photos as time permits.

I hope this section on the Old Corral brings back some great silver screen memories.

Al 'Fuzzy' St. John

Paul Hurst

Frank Rice

Frankie Darro

Andy Devine

'Smiley' Burnette

Richard 'Chito' Martin

Andy Clyde

George 'Gabby' Hayes
Syd/Sid Saylor

'Fuzzy' Knight

Si 'Rawhide' Jenks

Bobby Nelson

Tex Harding

Rand Brooks

Robert B. 'Buzzy' 'Buzz' Henry

Milt/Milburn Morante

Chris-Pin Martin
Saddle Pals, Sidekicks, Second Leads
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Al 'Fuzzy' St. John

Emmett 'Pappy' Lynn

Frank Rice

Gordon Jones

Frank Yaconelli

George 'Windy' 'Gabby' Hayes

Lester Alvin 'Smiley' Burnette

Max 'Lullaby' 'Alibi' Terhune

Cyrus Whitfield 'Johnny' Bond

Rand Brooks

Tex Harding

John James

Bob Nolan

Russell Hayden

James Ellison

Dennis Moore

Jim Bannon

Ray Whitley

Cliff 'Ukelele Ike' Edwards

Raymond Hatton

Dub 'Cannonball' Taylor

Andy Devine

Andy Clyde

Harry Harvey

Pat Buttram

Vince Barnett

Si 'Rawhide' Jenks

Milburn Morante

Richard 'Chito' Martin

Sterling Holloway

Tommy Farrell

Eddy Waller

Fuzzy Knight

Lee 'Lasses' White

Guy Wilkerson

Chris-Pin Martin

Lloyd 'Arkansas Slim' Andrews

Slim Summerville

Slim Pickens

Buddy Ebsen

Pat Brady

Paul Hurst

Horace Murphy

Snub Pollard

Syd/Sid Saylor

Leo Carrillo

Roscoe Ates

Wally Vernon

Benny Corbett

Hank Worden

The Kids ... the Juvenile Helpers
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Bobby Nelson

Buzz (Buzzy) Henry

Dick Jones

Frankie Darro

Teddy Infuhr

Bobby Clark - Bobby Clack

Don Kay 'Little Brown Jug' Reynolds 

Tommy and Sonny Bupp 

Robert 'Bobby' Blake

Tommy Cook

Sugar Dawn

Twinkle Watts

Joe 'Tadpole' Strauch, Jr.

Andy Shufford

Bill Cody, Jr.

There are several websites which include info on actors, actresses and kid stars that appeared in westerns and other films:

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The Actor's Compendium:
Drina Mohacsi's Young Hollywood Hall of Fame:
The Files of Jerry Blake serial website:
Boyd Magers' Western Clippings website:
A lot of these players worked with the Three Stooges at Columbia:

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