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(Courtesy of Fabian Cepeda)

Above - Pat Starling circa early to mid 1940s.

Above - Pat Starling circa 1948 (crop from the group image shown below).

Above - a screen capture of Pat Starling from the public domain SUNSET CARSON RIDES AGAIN (Yucca/Astor, 1948).
Patricia/Pat Starling

Real name: Laverne Patsy McCartney

1927 - 2006

I've been searching for info on Pat Starling for years ... and finally hit pay dirt in 2016 with three information tidbits:

1. had an article from the August 10, 1941 issue of the Courier-Journal newspaper from Louisville, Kentucky. The article was about entertainment at the Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky: "One young lady from Covington (Kentucky) who started as an entertainer on the Devou Park program is now in Hollywood making a picture with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. She Is Pat Starling (Patsy McCartney to home folk) ... "
There's history on the Devou Park entertainment pavillion at:

2. had the Social Security Applications and Claims Index for Social Security updates and name changes for Patsy McCartney:
November, 1938: Name listed as PATSY LAVERGNE MCCARTNEY
October, 1943: Name listed as PATSY STARLING
July, 1961: Name listed as PATSY LAV SCHWEIGER
November, 1982: Name listed as PATRECIA L MAXWELL
Parents were Cornelius H McCartney and Bertha C Schuchter, and she was born November 27, 1927 in Kentucky.

3. During the 1940s, Starling became close friends with actress Yvonne de Carlo. That friendship carried over to the 1950s and 1960s when Starling was Pat Schweiger / Mrs. George F. Schweiger, Jr. of Sherman Oaks, California.

As noted above, Laverne Patsy McCartney was born November 27, 1927 in Kentucky. Her parents were Cornelius H. McCartney (nicknamed "Neal") and Bertha C. Schucter McCartney. The family was living in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky in the 1930s but had relocated to Los Angeles at the time of the 1940 census. Father Neal was a parts and service manager for automobile dealers.

Adopting the screen name of "Pat Starling", Patsy McCartney appeared in about fifteen films during the 1940s.

There are tradezine and newspaper articles on Starling's brief Hollywood career. Of note is her age - born in 1927, she was about fifteen years old circa 1942:

  • July, 1942 - 18-year-old Pat Starling, won the title of "Miss Victory of 1942" in a beauty contest at the Victory House in Pershing Square, Los Angeles. Prizes included a role in a movie.
  • October, 1943 - filmmaker Charles R. Rogers signed Starling to a contract and a role in SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD (United Artists, 1944) which starred Jane Powell.
  • November-December, 1943 newspapers carried reports that 18 year old Pat Starling had a movie deal. Because she was underage, she had to obtain court approval for that contract. From the December 1, 1943 issue of Variety: "Pat Starling's minor contract with Charles R. Rogers approved by court."
  • late 1943 - Starling poses for Henry Clive's new series for The American Weekly magazine.
  • her early work consisted of bit/minor roles including four uncredited appearances in 1943-1944 features at Republic Pictures (two with Roy Rogers, HEART OF THE GOLDEN WEST (Republic, 1942) and SAN FERNANDO VALLEY (Republic, 1944)).
  • mid 1940s - appears that Pat MAY have modeled for some erotic photos by Joseph Jasgur (1919-2009). He photographed many Hollywood celebrities and is most famous for his 1940s photos of Marilyn Monroe.
  • In the late 1940s, she was the heroine in five westerns: with Jimmy Wakely in RAINBOW OVER THE ROCKIES (Monogram, 1947) and Sunset Carson in SUNSET CARSON RIDES AGAIN (Yucca/Astor, 1948), FIGHTING MUSTANG (Yucca/Astor, 1948), DEADLINE (Yucca/Astor, 1948), and BATTLING MARSHAL (Yucca/Astor, 1950). Interestingly, all five westerns were helmed by prolific producer, writer and director Oliver Drake.
  • Starling became a close friend of actress Yvonne de Carlo. The October, 1951 issue of Modern Screen highlighted their women's Fashion Board and board members included "Yvonne de Carlo and her friend, starlet Pat Starling."

Starling then disappears from films and the movie business. Patrecia L. McCartney marries George F. Schweiger, Jr. in 1951 ... and begins a new life in San Fernando Valley, California society. They reside in Sherman Oaks, California and have a Malibu beach house. And Pat Schweiger volunteers for all kinds of charitable events and activities including the support of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera. The Newspaper Archive website had dozens of articles - many with photos - of Pat Schweigher / Mrs. George F. Schweiger, and most were from the Van Nuys (California) The News newspaper. Additional info was found on movie fan magazines, and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). And Pat was still buddies with actress Yvonne de Carlo. Summaries follow:

  • 1955 - actress Yvonne de Carlo marries stuntman Robert Morgan in Reno, Nevada. Mrs. George Schweiger was matron of honor. The March, 1956 issue of Modern Screen magazine had a photo from the wedding and the caption read: "Yvonne De Carlo and Bob Morgan eloped to Reno and surprised everyone - except Lita Baron Calhoun and Pat Schweiger who were bridesmaids." (Lita Baron was an actress and wife of Rory Calhoun.)
  • 1956 -1967 - Pat Schweiger / Mrs. George F. Schweiger has various roles as member, president and/or hospitality chair of the Valley Committee for Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The group is also involved in the San Francisco Opera.
  • November 13, 1964 issue of the Van Nuys (California) The News had news of the celebration of Pat's November 27 birthday: "Birthday ... of Mrs. George F. Schweiger Jr. ... will be celebrated when members of the Valley Committee for Philharmonic Orchestra meet for dinner and take bus to opera Nov. 27."
  • she and her husband hosted a December, 1965 Christmas dinner at their Sherman Oaks, California home. Guests included Yvonne de Carlo and husband Robert Morgan and Nick Firfires and wife Maxine Beery (daughter of Buck Jones and recently divorced from Noah Beery, Jr.).
  • George F. Schweiger Jr. (born 1917) married Patrecia L. McCartney (born 1927) in 1951 and the Preliminary Dissolution of their marriage was March, 1968.
  • 55 year old Dean O. Maxwell and 54 year old Patrecia L. Schweiger / Patrecia L. McCartney were married on October 16, 1982 in Monterey, California.
  • Patrecia L. Maxwell passed away January 18, 2006.

  Although some of the data is incomplete or inaccurate, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has information on Pat Starling:

A few articles (with photos) are available at Google's Newspaper Archive:

1942 - Starling is "Miss Victory of 1942", a beauty contest at the Victory House in Pershing Square, Los Angeles:,620630

1943 - underage Joy Page and Pat Starling get court approval of their movie contracts:,5104087

1943 - Pat is a pinup girl for noted graphic artist and illustrator Henry Clive:,2531837

1955 - actress Yvonne de Carlo marries stuntman Bob Morgan in Reno, Nevada. Mrs. George Schweiger was matron of honor:,6737578

On the trail of Pat Starling
The Family Search website (free), (subscription), and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) provide more on Pat Starling:

  • Kentucky Birth Index (not the birth certificate) for Laverne P. McCartney, born November 27, 1927 in Kenton County, Kentucky, and her mother was Bertha Schuchter:
  • 1930 census summary and census takers worksheet - both Family Search and Ancestry have their last name spelled McCarthey. 29 year old Neal McCarthey [sic] (born Colorado), his 29 year old wife Bertha (born Kentucky) and their 2 year old daughter Lavergne (born Kentucky) and they own their home at 33?? Emerson, Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky. Neal's occupation is "Manager Parts & Service - Auto Sales":
  • 1940 census summary and census takers worksheet - renting at 8155 Waring, Los Angeles are 38 year old Neil McCartney (born Colorado), his 35 year old wife Bertha (born Kentucky) and their 12 year old daughter Patsy (born Kentucky). Neal's occupation is "Service manager - automobile dealer". They lived in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky in 1935:
  • Ancestry had an October, 1949 flight manifest from Copenhagen, Denmark to New York City via Scandinavian Airlines. Laverne Patsy McCartney is 21 years old, born in Kentucky, and she lives at 12941 Valley Heart Drive, North Hollywood, California.
  • Ancestry had the California Divorce Index printout - George F. Schweiger Jr. (born 1917) married Patrecia L. McCartney (born 1927) in 1951 and the Preliminary Dissolution of their marriage was March, 1968.
    A summary is available at Family Search (but doesn't include their marriage date):
  • California Marriage Index - 55 year old Dean O. Maxwell and 54 year old Patrecia L. Schweiger / Patrecia L. McCarney [sic] were married on October 16, 1982 in Monterey, California:
  • The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) has a record for 79 year old Patrecia L. Maxwell, born November 27, 1927 in Tennessee, passed away on January 18, 2006 and her last residence was Mendocino County, California:
  • Found no record in the California Death Index which tends to indicate that Pat passed away outside of California. Family Search has public records with addresses - Patricia L. Maxwell (born November 27, 1927) and Dean Olin Maxwell (born July 5, 1927) were living in Manchester, Mendocino County, California. And then they were located in Red Lodge, Montana:

For those interested in more on Pat Starling, I have several image files containing newspaper clippings and photos of Pat Starling and Mrs. George F. Schweiger. If you want, shoot the Old Corral webmeister an e-mail and I'll send to you.

(Courtesy of Boyd Magers)

Above are Sunset Carson and blonde Pat Starling in a lobby card and crop/blowup from FIGHTING MUSTANG (Yucca/Astor, 1948). This was one of five oaters that Sunset did for Astor release several years after his Republic westerns. Pat Starling was the leading lady/heroine in four of the five.

(Courtesy of Bob Cason)

Above - Pat Starling is sandwiched between two no-goods in a still from SUNSET CARSON RIDES AGAIN (Yucca/Astor, 1948). On the left is Stephen Keyes and on the right is John 'Bob' 'Lefty' Cason.

(From Old Corral image collection)

Above - from L-to-R in the top row are B-western heavy/henchman Tex Terry, Pat Starling, William Boyd and Bob Nolan. Bottom row from L-to-R are Roy Rogers, a mystery lady named "Mrs. Peters", and Spade Cooley. This photo is from the 'Western Hall of Fame Hoss Opera' at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles on November 28, 1948. It was organized by Tim Spencer (Sons of the Pioneers) and singer/song writer Cindy Walker ("You Don't Know Me" and more, including nearly all of the Bob Wills songs in the Russell Hayden films).

October, 2011: Joe Hyatte is the owner of the Rock Run Cafe and Bakery in Parke County Indiana (formally owned by movie badman/henchman Tex Terry who called it "Tex's Longhorn Restaurant"). Tex had sold the restaurant to Joe's parents, and the property included a bunch of movie memorabilia as Tex had saved just about everything from his movie days. "Mrs. Peters" was Dorothy Peters and she was married to Tex before he married his agent Isabel Drasemer.

Calin Coburn (Bob Nolan's grandson) and Elizabeth Drake McDonald have created a fantastic website on Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. There's a webpage with all kinds of details, images, and copies of the program and the purpose of the event was a fundraiser to create a Western Hall of Fame museum. That museum didn't happen. According to the program, Pat Starling had two jobs: carry the American flag for the singing of the National Anthem at the event start and a later skit with Russ Hayden and Dub 'Cannonball' Taylor:

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